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The Small Details

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What we offer...

Whether you've chosen your venue, or you haven't quite decided yet, it doesn't matter, the options are truly endless. We will discuss every aspect of what you would like to happen on the day to ensure your day is tailored exactly to your wishes. We can guide and support you through not only the service, but offer you some reassuring words and guidance throughout every step of the way. 

Not only do we offer the below ceremonies separately, but we can combine them to give you the perfect experience. Please get in touch by using the form below to start discussing how you want your day.

We work in and around the Derbyshire area including areas such as Swadlincote, Burton-On-Trent, Ashby De-La-Zouch, Chesterfield, Ashbourne, Matlock and more.

Wedding ceremony

Please note that a marriage carried out by a celebrant is not officially legal and binding and a legal ceremony will need to be undertaken at your local registry office.

Each ceremony is tailored to your requirements creating a unique ceremony.  Make your day personal to you and your family and friends. Have a ceremony at a location that is perfect for you and reflects everything you hold dear.

Vow renewal ceremony

Reconfirm your love by saying 'I do' again and relive your special moment to show your love for one another once more. Celebrate a milestone anniversary by reconfirming your vows and sharing this special occasion with the people you love.  Create a unique ceremony to celebrate your years together, sharing that which has made your marriage and love what it is today.

 Naming ceremony

Recognise and celebrate the arrival of a new bundle of joy in your life and welcome 
him or her to the world. Formally announce to friends and family your child/children's name and celebrate their place in your family. Bring together everyone important in your child's life and make promises to offer love and support.

Handfasting ceremony

Available as a separate ceremony, many couples can also choose to combine this with the wedding service or vow renewal. Binding hands in symbolically coloured ribbons or cords is a very old ritual which shows the bond between a couple or family. Add this ceremony to a vow renewal and share this special ceremony by including your children.


Tree of Life ceremony

Allow your family and friends to share their love for you by writing heartfelt messages onto wooden hearts, doves, stars or any shape of your choice. As part of the ceremony, your guests come forward and hang their messages on a stunning  tree, creating a beautiful memento for you to cherish forever.

Jumping the Broom


Many cultures have rituals that are integrated into wedding ceremonies to celebrate the heritage and pass down customs to another generation. Jumping the broom is a  tradition steeped in history.

What Is Jumping the Broom?

Jumping the broom is a traditional act performed at some  weddings. After vows are exchanged, the newlyweds hold hands and jump over a broom to seal the union.

Unity Candle

A truly unique way to individualise your wedding day is to incorporate a candle lighting ceremony as part of your wedding service. Lighting your very own personalised unity candles, serves as a moving gesture of love and symbolises the union of Bride & Groom, their families and friends, as two become one.

Afterwards, your wedding candle can be lit year after year on anniversaries, as an affirmation of the love and commitment shared between one another - a beautiful keepsake and reminder of your special day.


Sand ceremony

Different coloured sands of your choice are poured into a glass vessel of any shape. A wonderful way of symbolising two families combining as one. This is a ceremony that can involve many of your loved ones with you. As the colours combine to make patterns, you’ll have a visible symbol of your special commitment to each other.

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